ICEEA 2021 brings together creativity, innovation and community engagement in addressing the need for food and livelihood amidst these challenging times. As this period of global uncertainty unfolds, food and livelihood becomes central among the societal imperatives. Societies have learned that coping with this crises defines our future.

ICEAA 2021 gathers together the community of scholars and researchers and set forth a tone of urgency with creative and innovative solutions on making food systems and livelihoods sustainable.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Aldrin A. Darilag

Aldrin A. Darilag, PhD, CHRP, RMT, RN

Commissioner, Commission on Higher Education

Dr Joan A. Lagunda

Joan A. Lagunda, DM, DPA

Assistant Secretary for Field Operations-Mindanao and Legislative Affairs and Executive Director of PRCMO

Dr. Quyen Dinh Ha

Quyen Dinh Ha, PhD

Lecturer, Community Development and Agricultural Economics Vietnam National University of Agriculture

Dr Dr. Andrew Flachs

Andrew Flachs, PhD

Assistant Professor, Purdue University, USA

Dr. Tomoko Adachi

Tomoko Adachi, PhD

Professor, Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan

Thematic Areas

Sustainable agriculture

  • Sustainable plant production, protection and quality
  • Biological pest control and IPM in protected systems
  • Agricultural biodiversity and biological natural resources
  • Agricultural production systems
  • Agricultural economics
  • Agribusiness and financial management


  • Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
  • Environmental conservation
  • Building resilient environment
  • Integrated marine and terrestrial management
  • Environmental governance
  • Environmental education


  • Effective Technology in the Classroom
  • Curriculum Development
  • Innovative Classroom Learning
  • Instructional Methodologies
  • Improved Pedagogical Teaching and Learning Practices

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline

July 23, 2021

Notice of Abstract Acceptance

August 2, 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline (Optional)

August 9, 2021

Pre-recorded Video Submission Deadline

August 11, 2021

Please SEND all submissions to…


August 25-26, 2021





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